Iron-on Instructions

Before starting, ensure that you have a clean, flat workspace to work on. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies such as an iron (recommended 1400W), DTF (direct to fabric) transfer paper, a printer, a computer, scissors and the garment you want to transfer the design onto.

Choose your transfer design and material

Use a inkjet printer to print out your design onto the DTF transfer film. Make sure the image is mirrored before printing only on dark coloured garments. Once printed, remove any excess film around the image.

Cut out the design

Once you have printed your design onto the transfer film, you need to cut it out. Use a pair of scissors or a cutting machine to cut out your design, making sure to leave a small border around the edges..

Preheat your iron

Before you begin the transfer process, you need to preheat your iron. Set your iron to the appropriate temperature for your transfer material (check the instructions on the transfer film packaging for guidance). Let your iron heat up for several minutes.

Apply heat

Once your transfer is in place, it’s time to apply heat. Place your preheated iron onto the transfer film, pressing down firmly and evenly. Hold the iron in place for 15-20 seconds, making sure to apply pressure to all areas of the transfer.

Peel off the backing

After you’ve applied heat, carefully peel off the transfer film backing. Start at one corner and slowly peel back, making sure not to pull too hard or too quickly. If the transfer starts to lift off the fabric, stop peeling and use your iron to re-apply heat.

Allow to cool

Once you’ve removed the transfer film backing, allow your transfer to cool completely. This will ensure that the transfer adheres properly to the fabric.

Enjoy your new design!

Congratulations, you’ve successfully transferred your design onto your material! Now you can enjoy your new custom creation.